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About The Daily Beast

With over 20 million readers per month, The Daily Beast delivers breaking news and original reporting in areas of politics, pop-culture, world news and more. Fiercely independent and armed with irreverent intelligence, The Daily Beast is committed to connecting with their audience and engaging readers.

Here is the list of some of the top articles this month for your consideration:

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    1 Omar Mateen ID’d as Orlando killer
    2 Gay nightclub massacre these are the victims
    3 The lawyers who could take down Hillary Clinton’s campaign
    4 Drag queen Orlando gunman Omar Mateen was my friend
    5 20 dead in attack on Orlando gay club
    6 Harry Potter and the Cursed Child spoilers here’s the plot of the play
    7 Rapes daily beatings and no escape Christian school was hell for these boys
    8 A twitter bot is beating Trump fans
    9 Admit it these terrorists are Muslims
    10 New evidence Donald Trump didn’t pay taxes
    11 US and Russian jets clash over Syria
    12 The billionaire pedophile who could bring down Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton
    13 Takei how the LGBT community can lead America to a sane gun policy
    14 Cops meth smoking boyfriend beheaded his girlfriend’s accused rapist
    15 Ex-Amish family traded underage daughter for financial assistance
    16 I have no patience for Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston
    17 Yoga twins blazed path of destruction off Hawaiian cliff
    18 Melissa Rivers anger grief and why I’m auctioning Joan’s possessions
    19 Donald trump accused of using his charity as a political slush fund
    20 Everything known about Noor Zahi Salman the wife of Orlando terrorist Omar Mateen
    21 Kanye West’s famous video boasts bizarre orgy with Donald Trump and Taylor Swift
    22 Gawker declared bankruptcy to stop Hulk Hogan from taking it over
    23 Trump makes worst US shooting about him
    24 Stanford had a rape every two weeks before Brock Turner was caught
    25 Gawker files for bankruptcy

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